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Installation and Repair Services Right at Your Location

When your windshield is damaged, the last thing you want to deal with is a frustrating repair process. As an industry leader, one of Unimax Auto Glass’ goals is to eliminate those hassles and headaches. Not only is every Secure Auto Glass technician professionally trained and certified in the latest installation and repair procedures, but we also offer services that will make your experience with us the easiest in the business. 

Windshield Repair or Replacements

You need it to be safe. As an industry leader in auto glass replacement, Unimax auto Glass provides the highest quality windshield replacement and repair services for our customers.

Sunroof and Windows Repair or Replacements

One of our specialties includes sunroof replacement and power window repair and replacement jobs. We will come to your location and handle all of your power window repairs and replacements.

Back Window Glass Replacements

You certainly need to look out your back window while you're driving. When your vehicle's back window has become damaged, have it replaced with a brand-new pane of glass by the experts at Unimax Auto Glass. All our back window glass replacement work is completed to industry standards to ensure it is properly and correctly sealed.

Affordable Automotive Mirror Replacements

Has your vehicle's side or rearview mirror become damaged, cracked, or just fallen off altogether? Perhaps your side mirror was knocked off by another car or by squeezing into a tight parking space. If this is the case, reach out to Unimax Auto Glass immediately to have it professionally replaced.

ADAS Windshield Calibration

We offer ADAS Windshield Calibration Services, vehicles with Advanced Driver Assistance System built-in will need to be recalibrated. ADAS systems can be used to provide important information about traffic and closure and blockage of roads ahead, even suggesting alternate routes to avoid congestion.

Stone Chip Repair

If your windshield is chipped, you must act quickly in order to prevent that chip from spreading into a large crack. Get in touch with the prompt, reliable, and courteous team at Unimax Auto Glass for fast chip and windshield repair services!

Repair With insurance

In most cases, the comprehensive auto insurance coverage will cover repairs and replacements of damaged auto glass. You would only be responsible for the deductible. Often the deductible is more than the cost of repairs, but we can waive it for you. It may be cheaper for you to go through the insurance.